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2014 Recap


  • Aloha Subs Presents: The Ultimate Sub Challenge!

    How many subs can you fit in one mouth!? Well, thats the ultimate question every year at PIAE and this year is the 4th Annual Aloha Sub Challenge. For 4 years we have been stuffing sandwiches down the throats of people and watching everyone from the big guys to the small guys going for it. Ironically, every year, the winner is a skinny guy! Even the big Mokes cannot take them down. This year, we are looking to crown a new Sub King. Is it you?

  • Maori Dancers from New Zealand!

    We honored this year to have an entire dance troupe from New Zealand coming to showcase their cultural heritage. We are growing as a show and a Ohana with more and more of our Pacific Islander brother and sisters attending the show and now they have offered to come and share their island culture with us. Come see tradition, culture and heritage.

  • Dirty Lickens HOT WING CHALLENGE!

    Its back and its HOTTER than ever! Last year you watched as several brave souls battled it out with TEARS, SNOT AND HOT SAUCE running down their face. This year they are upping the anti by bringing a new bottled sauce called DEATH to the party which everyone must sign a waiver to try. Do YOU have what it takes to battle for the crown, gift certificates from Dirty Lickens and an assortment of prizes.

  • Skate or Die on the SKATE RAMP

    Without fail will be bringing the best of the best on island, along with beginners and skaters of all skill level to come ride our ramp. We will have some contest this year giving away prizes from skate and surf companies and each ride will be crowned in their categories as winners. All you need to do is fill out a waiver and then show us your bad behavior... on the ramp of course =) SKATE OR DIE!

  • Chinese Dragons

    Blessings come in the form of Chinese Dragons every year as they march, dance and drum their way through on our opening day (FRIDAY) to share good luck and joy. Bring your offerings as well to give back to the dragons and help us open this years show with success, luck, love and Aloha!

  • CONCERT: Mike Love

    Mike Love is a very well known and respected musician from the Island of Oahu. His soulful stylings bring good vibes to any event and we are honored to have with us this year. If you have never heard Mikes music you need to check him out. He is legit!

  • CONCERT: Kody Reihl

    Coming back from death after a serious electrocution from a fallen power line, Kody "the real deal" Riehl came back channeling all that power and energy into some pretty unforgettable tracks. Quickly becoming one of Hawaii's fastest rising stars, this Kailua native brings soulful introspective lyrics and music stylings very reminiscent to old SUBLIME, JACK JOHNSON amongst other greats.

  • TV STAR: Big Gus

    Big Gus is the breakout star from the tv show TATTOO NIGHTMARES. He has been with us since day 1 and is a fan favorite! Large lines form for Gus wanting autographs, tattoos, hugs and high fives. Come get up close and personal with our celebs.

  • Ancient Tattoo Styles

    Come witness the ancient form of Kakau / Tatau taking place LIVE in full exhibition. Cultural practitioners from Samoa, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tonga & The Cook Islands will be showcasing their tradition ancient historic practices which were once performed by their ancestors. This is truly a spectacle to behold

  • TV STAR: Tatu Baby

    From the hit Tv Show: INKMASTERS comes Tatu Baby for her second year back in the islands. She had to skip out on last years show due to the birth of her new baby girl but she's back and ready to meet you all, sign autographs and put a tattoo on your skin.

  • Punk Rock LIVE Stage

    Hawaii's best, hardest hitting ultra fast punk rock bands will be shredding up the SKATE STAGE while professional and amateur riders showcase their talents on the half pipe. We turn it up load and proud for all you punk fans!

  • TV STAR: John Monk

    John Monk is the break out star in the hit TV show OUTLAW COUNTRY which focuses on the life of the Monk Brothers who are constantly harassed by local authorities for their alleged connection to criminal organizations. Created by Kurt Sutter of Sons of Anarchy fame, the show documents the real life of John and his brother as they ride motorcycles, party, tattoo and carry on. Come meet the larger than life John Monk

  • Origami Class

    Your beautiful children can come and enjoy our free Origami workshop. We are going to be making chopstick fishing poles with origami fish!

  • Face Painting

    Bring the Keiki down and get some faceprinting done. Non allergenic products are used only. You call them your little monsters, and now they can be painted like one =)

  • Rick Thorne BMX Legend!

    Come see the legendary Rick Thorne from Southern California shred the ramp. Its possible he may even jump on the Mic and jam out a couple of punk rock tunes as well.

    American Rick Thorne has been a professional BMX rider for over 20 years. Aside from his nine X-Games appearances, Rick has starred in the Gravity Games, the MTV Sports and Music Festival, the Vans Triple Crown Series, the Mobile Skatepark Series, the Dew

  • Bouncy Castles

    Let your kids enjoy 2 bouncy castles placed inside for a day of fun.


    We assemble an art wall for kids and their parents to share a moment of creativity and come back to a childlike state. Imagine a giant coloring book already laid out for you. All you need to do is walk up and add your creativity which will be shared with the entire expo

  • Balloon Animals

    You have brilliant, creative children who are expressing themselves. We want to assist in that by offering balloon animal making classes. Bring them to the Keiki Zone and let them have some fun!

  • Olay Thai

    Come and enjoy some killer Thai Food from Olay Thai!

  • Ahi Assassins - Sashimi & Poke

    Love sushi and poke? Ahi Assassins are bringing it to you cold and fresh!

  • Tin Hut BBQ

    You dont know what you are missing if you never had Tin Hut. These are military boys bringing that southern flavor to our expo!

  • Suluape Keone Nunes

    Off Nanakuli Avenue, in a tiny, abandoned 1920s Mormon church, one of the most sought-after traditional Hawaiian tatau artists practices his art on subjects who don't just want any tattoo. They want tattoos that will connect them to the Native Hawaiians of long ago, to their own unique heritage.

    For many people seeking a Hawaiian tattoo, Keone Nunes is their only option. He insists on interviewing everyone who seeks him out. There are no set questions, Nunes says it just "depends on the individual". Nunes began tattooing using the traditional Polynesian of "tapping" over twenty years ago. "Very significant, profound things happen when people get tattooed in this way," Nunes said.

    The art of tapping is special since there are very few artists left in the world who tattoo in this ancient way. Instead of relying on an electric machine and a steel needle, Nunes makes his own tools and even his own ink. "Basically I dip the moli (tattoo tool) in the pa'u (ink), place it on the skin and tap, but in its simplicity lies its complexity," he says. "It looks fairly simple, but it is difficult to do well."

    Kawika Au, who has been getting tattooed by Nunes since 2003, agrees, "People see visions, they have dreams, they make connections... It's not just getting inked." And don't think you can go into just any tattoo shop on the island and get tattoos like the ones Nunes practices and perfects. They are shared with him by trusting kupuna who he affectionately calls "Hawaiian informants." The designs are passed down through the generations, and are genealogical and gender specific. "Sometimes men who are into tattoos, don't know… and will wear female designs on their face," Nunes says, shaking his head.

    Of course, Au knows there will be absolutely no female designs going on his face. "He is my kumu, so I trust him absolutely," he says. "I will always be grateful for his allowing me to sit at his feet. I would go to the ends of the earth for him, as I know he would for me." Au continues, "There are very few things in this world a Hawaiian can do that will take you back to what your ancestors felt, heard, and the designs... are what is left."

  • Horiyoshi "Souryou" the 3rd.

    Souryou is the son of the iconic and legendary Master Horiyoshi 3 Nakano Yoshihito. He carries on the families well respected craft of irezume. He will be front and center with our other tappers and hand poke artists

  • Su'a Suluape Peter

    Su'a Peter Suluape, Master Tattooist, is the son of renowned Samoan traditional tattoo artist, Su'a Suluape Petelo Alaiva'a. At the young age of 8 he was introduced to the world of tatau by assisting with his father's work as a stretcher and at 15 he began assisting his father in the crafting of traditional tools. Peter received his own tatau "pe'a" for his 19th birthday from his father. This process completely changed his outlook on life and as a result he decided that he would take on tattooing as his sole career path prior to which he had ambitions to become a teacher. Immediately after his 21st birthday, he made his own very first tools - 'au mogo and 'au sogi'aso - and began practicing on any brave and willing relative. Less than a month later, his father sent him to New Zealand to practice tatau there and gain some knowledge and experience away from the island shores. During his stay in New Zealand, he felt a void that was brought on by not having yet received the traditional and "official" blessing of the art of tatau from his father. After 4 years he visited Samoa and was bestowed this honor. He returned to New Zealand to continue tatau for 2 years and in 2007 decided that it was time to return home to help his father look after the aiga ("extended family") and to learn more about the art from him and in July 2007 he did just that. Peter, now 30, has represented the Suluape family and Samoa at various International Tattoo Conventions in Berlin, Tahiti, New Zealand and the USA including the 2009 BTSOE in Las Vegas hosted by Mario Barth. While he specializes in traditional Samoan tatau tools and techniques, he also uses machines for some of his other artistic work. He is currently married to his beautiful wife Moana and they have 2 small children.

  • Tattoo Legends

    Freddie Negrete is a tattoo legend. He will be in show with his son Boo Boo showing Hawaii that classic single needle black and grey style

  • Tattoo Legends - Shanghai Kate

    "Shanghai" Kate Hellenbrand is known as America's Tattoo Godmother for her 43+ year career beginning in New York City after co-producing the landmark exhibit 'TATTOO' at the prestigious Museum of American Folk Art. She has managed or owned shops in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Philadelphia and New York City and now has a studio in Austin, Texas. She has worked alongside the most notable names in the business; Sailor Jerry Collins, Hawaii; Ed Hardy, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles; Zeke Owen, North Carolina, Jack Rudy, Los Angeles along with many others.

    In 1972, Sailor Jerry Collins hosted Kate, Michael Malone, Ed Hardy, Des Connelly and Kazuo Oguri at his home for the first Tattoo Artist Gathering -- known as the Council of the Seven -- acknowledged as the first international tattoo convention.

    She studied at the Art Center School of Design and Chouinards School of Fine Arts in Los Angeles. She completed two years of nursing training and is a government appointed Tattoo Shop/Health Inspector in the state of Utah.

    Kate has appeared on the Today Show, the Tonight Show, Prime Time Access, numerous documentaries on the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and TBS. She is the only woman in TATTOO NATION, a documentary charting the evolution of black and grey fineline tattooing from prison to photorealism.

    Her award-winning work has appeared in all major tattoo magazines, she is a writer for Tattoo Planet, Ink, Skin and Ink and International Tattoo Art magazine. Her lecture "From Voodoo to Vogue" has been presented at universities, conventions and museums including Columbia University where she was a featured panelist at the International Women's Leadership Conference.
    Howard Stern is a celebrity client as is Casey Affleck, photographer David LaChappelle, members of Pearl Jam. An avid traveller, Kate was the first female American tattoo artist to travel and work solo in Europe (in 1979). She continues to enjoy Guest Artist status in many shops globally and is invited to high profile conventions around the world, including the London Tattoo Convention, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Philadelphia, and the National Tattoo Convention. Kate has been honored as a recipient of the Bob Shaw Award by the NTA for her 40+ year career.
    Kate is known as the Stencil Queen for having resurrected acetate tattoo stencils from the garbage heap to the last known tattoo collectable, recognized pieces of tattoo art and history, enabling many who had built their careers using this method to now sell these stencils to collectors and enthusiasts world wide.
    Kate is regarded as one of the "101 Most Influential Persons in Tattoo History."

  • Tattoo Legends - Lyle Tuttle

    "I was 10 years and two months old to the day, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. All through the war servicemen returning home either on leave or maybe discharged from being wounded, many were sporting tattoos. To a kid my age, those tattoos were "hot shit". Those tattoos were living proof of a great adventure, with travel and romance combined. It meant that this guy had been out of the valley, over the horizon and places I had never heard of. WOW!

    So that's why tattooshave always been special to me. Tattoos are travel marks, stickers on your luggage. Tattoos are special, you have to go off and earn them. You can go into a jewelry store and buy a big diamond and slip it on your finger and walk out. It's not like that when you go into a tattoo shop and pick a big tattoo and pay for it. Now you got to sit down and take it."

    -Lyle Tutt

  • Tattoo Legends - Gill Montie

    "Gill Montie was born in Michigan and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Gill Montie, also known as 'Gill the Drill" is known round the world for his skills in the tattoo industry. He has opened several shops throughout his carreer including the world famous Tattoo Mania on Sunset Blvd. Gill's work has also appeared in the American Museum of Natural History Body Art Exhibit. Gill is the founder of the world renowned Inkslinger's Ball."

  • Chris Danley Pre Party

    Come one come all to celebrate the life of Chris Danley at our Meet & Greet located at Old Ironsides Tattoo

  • Chee Hoo Challenge

    "Chee Hoo Challenge

    Hawaii is known for its siren song aka the "chee hoo" its how we celebrate a win, a sick wave, a touch down or an awesome moment. Men, Women & Children will be able to sign up and compete in this challenge for the best chee hoo'er of 2015.

    There will be a trophy and prizes for the winner and runner ups."

    If you will recall, it is I who sent you the Samoan cultural tattooing group who sent you Sua Suluape Peter.

    PIAE may want to note that the chee hoo "siren song" is derived from the Samoan culture (faaSamoa) and its frequent use in the state of Hawaii speaks to the vast influence Samoan culture has had on the local culture of Hawaii. The faaumu (what you call the chee hoo) is used in the Siva Samoa, (Samoan dance) and in time-old Samoan cultural traditions during the trading of cultural gifts. It is also used a war cry that signals the issue of a challenge; victory after a hard-fought battle and a display of joy and happiness during dance. The faaumu has become a part of Hawaii culture most probably through its use during Samoan dance seen throughout the state in luau shows and Samoan family celebrations. "A win, a sick wave, a touch down or an awesome moment" is celebrated with the chee hoo showing how the Samoan culture and its faaumu has influenced the way in which the people of Hawaii signify personal a-ha moments.

    Written by Tina Mata'afa-Tufele Elise and Faletuiga

Travel & Accommodations

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